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Le Ann started boxing workout after a warm-up session of 10 minutes with rope skipping.

The singer eats healthy diet six days in a week and allows one cheat day in her diet per week.

Since her split from Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville has never been shy to share — in great detail — the ups and downs she's had in her relationship with her ex-husband and his current wife, Le Ann Rimes.

And now, her relationship with the pair has gotten a lot better than it was in years past, she told .

Eddie Cibrian and his second wife Le Ann Rimes kept their distance from his first wife Brandi Glanville at their son Mason's 8th grade graduation ceremony in Calabasas on Thursday. Meanwhile, the 44-year-old RHOBH alum shared her own Instagram snap captioned: 'My little men!

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And, then, of course, I was thinking, I haven’t done what I’ve wanted to do in over eight years." "Never in a million years did I think something like that would have happened," he admits, also sharing that it was he who encouraged Rimes to star in the 2009 Lifetime film in the first place. He just felt like one of those guys from the beginning. She's shooting pool, shooting tequila, in a tight tank, tight jeans, over the knee boots and she's standing across from him, playing with the pool cue. “I don’t think she wants to be my friend, even though I’ve reached out and tried to be nice, and I’ve offered a ‘Hey – let’s go to coffee next time I’m LA.’ And I got,‘Well, as long as Eddie can come too! ”“and so my question is: If I wanted to go after someone to stay relevant, wouldn’t I go after someone who’s actually relevant? Dare I say Brandi and Dean need to get some new material. We get you both got fucked over but time to move on and find a hobby.The former backup dancer talks in-depth about his marriage with the country superstar, specifically, when it all went wrong.

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Even before the affair, Sheremet says that there were a lot of "animosities that built up" between the two -- mainly because he claims he was also involved in every aspect of her career. I don't need to be babysitting someone on set.' Even though in my brain, I was like, 'I'm seeing this happening, I should be here and do something.' But I wasn't going to be able to stop anything that happened.

'It's been eight years and you would think that people would mature and be different, but there's still some craziness happening. Sometimes it's great, and right now it's not.' When asked if she ever saw a time all three would be at peace with each other, she made the stinging forecast.'I think when the ten-year mark comes and he leaves her and takes half her stuff, we'll all be good together because they won't even be related.'As jaws hit the floor all around her, she continued unflinching: 'If she doesn't have a kid with him, then we don't ever have to see her again.'When the stunned interviewer asked if she really believed Cibrian would leave his second wife, she replied: 'I think he has three more years; and then he hits ten years, half of everything is his, and he's gone.'But they split shortly after it emerged Cibrian had had an affair with Rimes - who herself was in a seven year marriage to backup dancer Dean Sheremet - while working together on the 2009 film Lifetime TV movie Northern Lights.

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