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It’s three sections of elevated track: The first section will go up and over Grange, Koornang, Murrumbeena and Poath Roads, incorporating new stations at Carnegie, Murrumbeena and Hughesdale.

This is probably the most controversial section, as it is very close to homes, due to the narrow width of the rail corridor.

hey mon ami, i have to say TANE is not that bad, it as some awsome effects with the shadows and as some awosme building from the LBSC, LNER and GWR, but what really pisses me off is that i can,t fix the missing dependencies, soo if i,m not botthering, i would like to have a little help from youhum i see, hey i was thinking, remenber those old thomas and friends models you made on youtube?

i was thinking if you could bring them back and make public, just a ideia since you are a awsome modeler Wait for N3V to release a few patches for T: ANE, past the release date. All pieces of new software are buggy and not well optimised.

Recently, my computer has been showing some signs of being under the weather.

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But I see now that Auran/N3V/whatever they're calling themselves these days still haven't learned how to optimize their code for halfway decent performance on anything but a supercompy.

I also do not have a computer that I would consider T: ANE ready but I hope to change that before this year is over. I've been a fairly long-time Trainz fan myself, though I've yet to move past TRS'09.

I was just considering whether or not to try & scrounge up a few more bucks & buy the TANE Collector's Edition with the two extra engines (one of which, the Dutchess, I should have already thanks to TRS'12 Collector's).

The second section will go over Clayton and Centre Roads, including a new station at Clayton.

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The third section will go over Corrigan, Heatherton and Chandler Roads, including a new station at Noble Park — though they come pretty much down to ground level between Heatherton and Chandler Roads.There have been rumblings for a while that some of the level crossing removals might include elevated sections, but finally we have a concrete (pardon the pun) proposal to look at: the crossings along the Dandenong line, known internally as “CD9” or the “Caulfield To Dandenong Nine”.