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In early December Diller finally freed IAC from the long time grip of friend, and occasional foe, John Malone.In doing so, Diller set up IAC to be "a long term holding for me and my family." All signs point to Prince Alexander Von Furstenberg, his bald, athletic, temperamental, step-son., hit theaters this weekend, audiences got to see a multilayered and psychologically nuanced story about two women.It was the first solo feature from writer/director Francesca Gregorini, the lesbian filmmaker who co-directed magazine about the film, lesbians on screen, and, for the first time ever, her famous breakup with Portia de Rossi.“I’ve never really talked about it, and, I want to be respectful to all the players, and, to be honest, I’ve definitely made my peace—Portia and I are friends, I’m friends with Ellen.” In fact, Ellen and Portia live near Gregorini’s parents; her mom and Portia ride horses together.It’s the typical, everyone-stays-friends lesbian experience. “Everything turned out as it was meant to, but it definitely, at the time, it was a very harrowing experience, because heartbreak is harrowing.

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Nowadays, it's considered crass to flaunt a royal title, so who's expected to know that there is a princess living in Los Feliz: Tatiana von Furstenberg.Her image is that of a powerful woman whose elegance is as fabulous as her wealth.Designer Diane von Furstenberg is boss of a multimillion dollar company, head of a vast charitable foundation and the grande dame of high society fashion.Diller is said to be gay, but decided to marry Von Furstenberg because he loved her family. Most reports about Alex portray him as an energetic jock type.

A family friend told Nick Denton at Valleywag, Diller "really loves Alex," and wanted him as a son-in-law. One longtime friend told the New York Post, "He's the first guy to dive off a huge cliff into the ocean, and he's always moving.As an adult, this fascination has only grown: I've read about the Romanovs, The French court, The Mitford sisters, watched any film or TV movie based on the royal family.

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