Dating of the book of daniel

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The evidence of the language of the book leads to the conclusion that it was written in the fifth century BC plus or minus a century. In other words, the Aramaic and Hebrew in the book, according to the experts, is from somewhere between roughly 350 and 600 BC. Only the liberals who have a preconceived notion give a later date, but when I look at their arguments their bias is so obvious it can be discounted. This includes the inclusion of Daniel in the Greek Septuagint translation (made by about 180 BC, and probably earlier) as well as the discovery of fragements of Daniel in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

This evidence puts Daniel in the Hebrew canon of scripture certainly by 200 BC, and very likely much earlier.

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Outside of the predictive prophecies, which seem without question to point to inspiration and therefore authorship by Daniel, the other evidence for an early date of writing for Daniel do not absolutely push it back into the sixth century.

The first six chapters contain the popular stories of the Burning Fiery Furnace, Belshazzar’s Feast, and the Lions’ Den.

The second group of six chapters takes the form of visions which purport to be predictions at the time of Babylonian supremacy of what would happen to the four kingdoms of Babylon, Media, Persia, and Greece. 12: 1–4) the culmination of all history is proclaimed with God reigning supreme over a kingdom of the saints.

11: 31) must have been a prediction of the desecration of the Temple in 70 CE; while Christians—for whom the coming of the Son of Man (Dan.

7: 13) meant the death and exaltation of Jesus—were equally aware of the eschatological significance of the abomination (Mark 13: 14). It was long assumed, and is still assumed by some conservative students of the OT, that the book is describing the faithfulness of Jews to their religion under Babylonian and Persian overlords in the 6th cent.

Daniel foretells the eventual establishment of Messiah’s kingdom, which will overthrow the kingdoms of this world.