Average years of dating before marriage dating in southamerica

24-Nov-2017 18:12

But don’t just take your boyfriend or girlfriend’s word for it. That same study said that people who dated a very long time before marriage—like a number of years—were also less likely to stay married.In fact, they tended to divorce quicker than those with short courtships.

Furthermore, the median amount of time a couple dates before the proposal is 3.3 years.

There are a couple of reasons why a short dating period can cause problems in marriage: Marriage is really about commitment, so the real question is whether you are willing to commit to this person for the rest of your life, and whether you can trust them when they say they’re willing to do the same. Now, sometimes you can trust them more quickly if other trustworthy people have known the person through close community for a long time, and can vouch for them.

That’s actually the preferred situation, because then you have multiple sets of eyes confirming that this person is who they appear to be.

Or, a couple may be “in a relationship” for a decade, finally get married, and then split up in the first year.

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It really depends on the people involved, and the reasons why they get married when they do. Most people realize that you shouldn’t get married too quickly after meeting someone, and the one long-term study I’ve found on the subject seems to back that up.Decades ago the statistics ranged from six to fourteen months.

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